About the Book

In this true and multi-layered story, the reader will find all the elements that will keep him on the edge of his seat. There is love, romance, humorous twists and turns in a new marriage and adventure. At one point, the reader finds out how his Nazi-controlled past has influenced one of the main characters. The reader learns of the many horrific mental states in which Ben, as a young teenager, finds his own mother who tries to kill herself. Because his mother is unfit mentally, he takes on a caregiving role for his tiny sister. Tragically, Ben and his sister, as adults, develop paranoid schizophrenia which they inherit from their mother. Ben, in his delusional state, murders his own child and jumps in front of a subway and is decapitated. His actions start a house of cards, for three more deaths will follow after his own death. It’s a story that will both entertain and intrigue the reader.

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